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New years Resolution's

A post made by Angelina Brown

As we begin the transition into the new year, I want you to ask yourselves... what do you want to see in yourself this new year? do you want to see a better you?, be happier? spend more time working on your mental health?, Maybe even loose a bit of weight?. As we all know that starting off the new year may come with some complications; people always believe that when the new year starts they should restart as a person. Like the famous saying "new year, new me" but why is that?

Me personally, I don't think its fair to put all these changes on people based off a new year. I want everyone to realize your only one person and it takes time to prioritize your self. As your only one person, for this new year I hope you all realize that you can do whatever you put your mind to but that doesn't mean you need to achieve in a day.

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