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Client Of the Month 

JSU creates a strong support system for our clients serving as not only their advocate but also one of their biggest fans! Constantly on the sideline cheering them along the journey of rebuilding we acknowledge their efforts and motivation in many ways. Client of the Month is designed to do just that, show acknowledgment and appreciation for our Client's who work hard, stay dedicated and always motivated.

june 2023


may 2023

c. Smith 

Mr. Smith joined the JSU family less than a month ago! He came in with
active goals to pursue and created a game plan of how to accomplish
them. He attended the Financial Workshop and was an active
participant. He participates in bi-weekly calls and whenever he needs
any resources he does not hesitate to reach out. Congratulations to you
Mr. Smith!

A. Clark/B.Reynolds

Clark and Reynolds are two of JSU2 "Vets" that has successfully maintained housing through The Dwellings, our preferred housing community partner. They have established consistent payment history and have exemplified their understanding of budgeting and the importance of planning ahead to secure financial wellness. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!!

april 2023

R. ATkins 

Ms. Atkins has a proactive and can do attitude. She has been able to accomplish securing housing within her first month of joining JSU2. Ms. Atkins participates in bi-weekly calls, in-person, and virtual workshops. Ms. Atkins sets a great example to follow for fellow life jump-starters. Congratulations Ms. Atkins! 


L. Jackson

Ms. Jackson came into this program with a plan and has been able to
accomplish all that she has set to do. Ms. Jackson was able to be housed
within a timely manner after signing her lease. Ms. Jackson has
maintained her goals in other areas by improving her parenting skills
with a course through Alison, offered by JSU2. Congratulations Ms. Jackson! 

M. Calderron

february 2023

Ms. Calderon has been an exceptional client. She is consistent in
communicating with her program advocates and staying up to
date on completing her IDP. She shows great initiative to
graduating out of this program with flying colors. Congratulations to Ms. Marcia! 

january 2023

E. Newton 

Ms. Newton has shown great initiative in our program as she
answers every bi-weekly call,  attends every events and always has an amazing
attitude. Congratulations Ms. Newton, we appreciate clients
such as you!

L. Mattox

December 2022

Ms. Mattox a client of JSU2 and a active enrollee in our FSHI program have consistently shown great progress in all areas of her life. She consistently participates in bi-weekly calls and is proactive in communicating any needs or concerns she may have. .She has referred numerous people to the organization just by being a model client handles all her responsibilities in the program in a punctual manner no excuses! Congratulations Ms. Mattox stay tenacious and persistent in pursuing every goal and you will ALWAYS WIN!


february 2022

Ms. smith has shown a strong determination and will to strive despite several obstacles she has encountered. She is also a participant of our FSHI program and has been diligent in her efforts to meet the requirements of the program and stayed committed. She has been a great role model to her peers in and out of the program and we will continue to support her to successfully complete the program and all goals she has set for herself. Congratulations Aaliyah! We are proud of you!!

Y. Beasly 

Ms. Beasley has shown determination and a strong will to overcome any obstacle she faces. She is a hard worker and mother of 3. After becoming enrolled in JSU2 she secured temporary housing through our FSHI program and has now accomplished the ultimate goal of becoming a homebuyer. Congratulations! We are so proud of you!.


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