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Budget-Friendly Things To Do With Your Kids On Winter Break

The winter break is here and that means three weeks with the kids at home. It can either be three weeks of fun and laughter or hearing "I'M BORED" 400 times a day! So, we've come up with a few ideas for the family to enjoy, without breaking the bank.


Declare a vacation PJ Day! no work allowed, just comfortable fun at home, lounging, relaxing and great bonding time. Here are a few easy ideas for your Pajama day

  • Making cookies and hot chocolate together

  • Playing in the snow

  • Having a chat (Checking In on your kids and making sure They're okay)

  • Decorating the house for Santa

  • Filling up the stocking stuffers


Who can build the best Gingerbread house?! We're going to have to find out in this classic, family fun game of the Gingerbread show-down!

  • Set a timer for 60 minutes or less and either have your children work in groups (parents against kids or kids against kids)

  • Then after their done you can either have a prize (candy or plush toy) or don't have any winners and just enjoying eat the houses

Keep in mind, this game doesn't have to be a competition, usually the whole family votes on who's Gingerbread house is better, but you don't have to play that way; This can also just be a creative activity for the whole family to pass the time.


Writing letters to santa is always a fun idea for the children and a great way for parents to know exactly what their children want for Christmas. When sending your letters to santa make sure the letters are legible, including their first and last name, make sure they list the gifts they want in order of preferences and make sure they don't ask for gifts to expensive. Another way to make this exciting is by telling your children to write out their New year wishes! some ideas of what they expect of themselves for the new year to come. That way you can have a effective way of knowing how to help them accomplish their goals for the new year!

well, I hope these ideas/ tips help you and your children have a more fun, relaxed and family connections this Christmas. If you liked this post, share it with your friends and if you have any ideas of your own share them in the comment section for all to see!!

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