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Here at JumpStart U2 (JSU2) we are driven by a single goal: To provide individuals with the skills needed to navigate life while utilizing their own resources, talents, and abilities. 


To reach this goal we encourage individuals to identify their needs, explore their resources, and put those resources to work to create a better quality of life for themselves and their families. 

JumpStart U2 is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.



With this initiative, our goal is to promote opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Our goal is to assist our clients in overcoming homelessness and creating successful and consistent rental history.

JSU2 recognizes the need for affordable housing within our community.  Our services identify, direct, and provide individuals with avenues for affordable housing.  Through our corporate partnerships and our pay-to-stay program, we help those who need it find a place to live and get back on their feet.


JSU2 empowers individuals to participate in their community by providing and connecting them to resources. Through partnerships with like minded entities JSU2 strives to help individuals get a second chance to jumpstart their lives.

Education and Empowerment are essential to rebuilding our community. As a result JSU2 believes the 


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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